Technological Innovation

Offering our customers a piece of furniture with higher quality each time. That is the motto that presides Grabal Furniture philosophy. Therefore, our innovation and technology department is constantly working on the improvement and renewal of our furniture, complying with the required National and European rules.

During these years there have been many ways in which we have been at the forefront and our intention is to go on being one step ahead and keep innovating in our furniture.

At the present time the front of our furniture is postformed but within 2.5 mm that provides a more modern appearance and exceptional quality. No other manufacturer does it as we, Muebles Grabal, do.

Another aspect we are worried about is safety. So, our boards use ABS edges (acrylic butadiene ethylene), which must be done by law in Europe, as PVC edges when there is a combustion generates sulfur dioxide which may turn out to be fatal in case of inhalation.

Our fittings do not escape from this desire to improve and therefore, our furniture use hinges from FERRARI provider which leads the world due to the quality of its finishes and top constructive performances. These hinges have their own regulation and it has been tested that they can be used more than 120,000 times.

We must also highlight the active safety systems in folding beds, with double attachmment, maximum retention dampers, locking systems to avoid trapping and folding crash barriers, among others.

The road to excellence of our furniture brings us to continue to work tirelessly on these and other aspects in order to satisfy any needs our clients may demand.

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